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Welcome to the transformation station. Lester : )Hi, I'm Lester Smulski, a warm welcome to the Transformation-Station! If you've found me you were guided here and it was meant to be. : )


The transformation station offers positively life changing hypnotherapy, life coaching, NLP & theta healing to quickly help you to get your life back on track & light the way to a new you by helping you to focus on what you want (rather than what you no longer want) by giving you the knowledge, techniques and unconscious resources to help you to exponentially improve your life.


I've developed an award winning* life coaching and personal development system, designed to fast track you to some of the very best  tips, techniques and exercises to help you discover what you want, understand yourself better, learn new life skills, open up to new possibilities, build on your strengths and move towards the vision of your ideal life.


As well as creating and running these courses I help people on a 1 to 1 basis with life coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming - a tool set for the mind) & hypnotherapy;  helping people to  clear old traumas, phobias, unconscious blocks and overcome other limiting beliefs, habits & behaviours.  


About Me


I'm a Certified Life  Coach, a Licenced Master Practitioner of NLP, Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner. I am also an adult education tutor and hold a  Diploma in  Ericksonian  Hypnotherapy. I've invested thousands of hours in personal development study (so I can share the best findings with you) and attended events with master coaches like Anthony Robbins and many others. I've put this knowledge to good use by helping people with all sorts of challenges, specialising in confidence issues and re-empowering people who had lost their way.


I also have several years  of corporate IT experience,  finding innovative solutions for problems  while managing change. This background has proved useful as computers were modelled on the mind, in that, everything we do has a "Yes/No" -"If, Then, Else" type of decision, so I can follow the logic of people's personal programs and easily help them to find more positive ways of doing things.


All of the above being said, the testimonials I receive from my clients, students and peers are my real credentials.


You Can't Change the Wind, But You Can Move the Sails! 


One person who  attended my  life coaching & personal  development  course said  “Lester,  before I went on  your course, I  felt lost..., like  the wind had been blown from my sails... and now I feel ready to set sail again”. 


I assured her that, “you did the right thing, you  realised you needed to make port and take stock of things, you cleared the decks of stuff that was weighing you down  , invested in fresh knowledge and plotted your course  to your dream destination. It was wise to adjust the sails before moving forward".


Set Sail AgainThis analogy led me to create the transformation- station, a place where you could pause, take stock of your life, receive non-judgemental coaching, clear some of your “stuff”, clarify where you're heading -  your vision and your life purpose, connect with positive, supportive people, set inspiring goals, gain  new profound understandings of yourself and open up to new possibilities while taking personal responsibility to transform your life.  


Back to our story..., our adventurer, noticed a senior position  at her work (a position she knew she’d could do well, if given a chance), she pushed herself out of her comfort zone and applied.  Afterwards she thought  “Oh God, what have I done?!"  (as she remembered every disastrous interview she'd ever had). One hypnotherapy session later and she was all set to go.


She had the innate ability and personality to succeed, now she had the confidence to share those gifts too, not  only was it the best interview her employers had ever seen, they congratulated her for being the  first person in the company to make a jump of two grades above her previous role! 



Photo of Lester Transformation Station Train DriverSo, who's ready to set sail for their own transformation?


All aboard the Transformation-Station! 


Lester  Smiley Face


Lester Smulski (Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapy & Master NLP Practitioner & Theta Healer)




"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciouslly give other people permission to do the same, as we are liberated from our own fear, our precence automatically liberates others". Marianne Williamson


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*Edinburgh Adult Education Group Achievement Awards (see Course Testimonials page)


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I hope your business is still flourishing as I think you are a very inspirational and talented person who has helped me immensely. Margaret-Anne

I have been thinking about all the good things that are happening for me at the moment & thinking about the source of all that good. It all boils down to one thing - I attended your class! C.L.

Attending the class was a turning point for me. I learnt so much, Lester's a legend, I speak so highly of the experience it should be an essential part of the curriculum at school. The world would be a different place :):) a happier, positive place x Tracy Jane Ryrie 

Inspiring!, Uplifting!, Empowering! K.S.  

Everyone should attend this course! : ) I made some BIG changes in my life and made some new friends along the way. One technique  saved my company thousands of pounds in potential lost revenue. Linda Monteith  

As a passionate life coach Lester is able to make a very real difference to people’s lives. He has a depth of knowledge of techniques, good presentation and the ability to get a group to support each other. I thoroughly recommend Lester as a Life Coach. His courses or one to one’s will change your life as they did mine. Ed Fielding (Project Manager) 

The simple desire to make the very best of your life is the only requirement for taking this course. I highly recommend it for an injection of positivity with long lasting effects. Sandie Capanni

Lester’s workshop provides simple but comprehensive strategies for setting and meeting goals. The environment is supportive but straightforward, and equally effective for career and 'life' goals. Within a week I could see significant improvement in my productivity and effectiveness at work. I have already recommended this workshop to friends and associates." Christine(Researcher/Policy Officer)   

Full of useful info. Never been on a course that talks about “the law of attraction” – I love it! Also love the idea of a perfect moment” Jane Gilbert  

The course makes you realise you have the power in you to make positive changes - a refreshing and enlightening experience to enhance all areas of life! Helen Tweedie (Sales Executive)  

Thanks to the class, I'm focusing on building up my freelance work again as it is so much more satisfying! – Rachel Blanche  

Lester is a life changing coach & authentic speaker; his direct experience of creating & seeing the power of Vision in his own life inspires clients & listeners to try it for themselves. Lester has a simple yet profound approach and really walks his talk" Michele Armstrong (Acorn Principle Plus; one of Scotland's top coaching organisations)



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