Course Testimonials 


“The course makes you realise that you have the power in you to make the positive changes you need – a refreshing and enlightening experience to enhance all areas of life!” Helen Tweedie (Sales Executive)


“This course has really helped me to focus on the important areas of my life. I was sceptical about how much a weekly course, conducted in a class with others could be beneficial. I’ve found the content excellent, Lester’s facilitative style very enjoyable and have found it a very positive experience to be in a group environment and learn with others. It’s great to know I can affect positive changes in my life pretty much immediately by attending this short course.” Katie Young


"Hi Lester, I just wanted to thank you. I am not practicing everything we learnt on a daily basis, however, I am consciously more positive and proactive in my wellbeing and how I project myself and my feelings. A couple of months ago I finally managed to get a new job and leave the one that was causing me so much stress and unbalance.

I think I found this a far easier and successful achievement because of the knowledge you passed on in your classes. I am now working in a lovely, calm environment with a great mixture of friendly and positive people. Now my mind is no longer caught up in stress I have found the space and time to work on my own creative work once more. I just wanted to thank you and wish you well. Onwards and Upwards for me. : )"  Jenny Postlethwaite  


“I got back hope that I can do things which I want to. I have a faith now which I haven’t had for a long time. I’m more positive about my future too, I think I’m... Happy!” – Kat 


"Lester is an inspiring life coach and presented a very helpful course. Exercises in class were very useful – I particularly liked the “Giving – Receiving” session at the end." – Margaret


"Something I have particularly liked about the course is use of examples from past courses/people you have helped – it made me realise that the changes are really possible and the methods really do work. I also felt inspired listening to the others on the course and liked that everyone is valued and their experiences appreciated." Thank you! : ) Linda Forrest (Linda successfully made a shift to a new career that she loves)


“Lester is ‘HYPER POSITIVE’ (the first thing I wrote in my new positive notebook). The course was a great review of many subjects, helpful exercises for every individual class, loved turning every negative thought into a positive one, everyone was valued, thoroughly enjoyed it!” Karyn


“This course has opened my mind to the concept of being in control of what you bring into your life and being open to change, to push myself out of my comfort zone” – Neil Renton, IFA


“Was a bit sceptical at outset, but found most of the material very good and thought provoking. Have used several of the techniques since, particularly de-junking” Harry Peat, Quality Improvement Manager


“Lester has been a great course leader; he explains concepts easily and clearly and helps create a positive and safe atmosphere. The course provides practical tools which are easy to use and you can see results and will continue using them after the course. Highly recommended!” (Unknown from a feedback form)


“If you lack focus, need positivity in your life, check this course out” – Philip Ross


“This course has provided me with skills that will have a positive impact on my life. It came at the right time for me, I fully immersed myself and feel 100% for doing so!” Tracey Douglas


“Inspiring, compassionate tutor – so much food for thought and positive action! Thank You!!" – Janice Laxton


“This course reinforced my belief in myself and made me feel really positive about trying new things” Ewan Swaffield


“Even if you are unsure of what you may want to gain from this course, you will find much enlightenment” – Emma Clarkson


“The tools used have been excellent in promoting positive change, using the phrase “focus on what you want” is a very influential statement, the course was very well run/delivered. (Unknown from feedback form)


Loved that there’s a real positive vibe from the start of the classes right through to the end" (Unknown from feedback form)


Inspirational! This course came at the right time in my life, I feel so lucky, from this course I was given the opportunity to understand about getting the life I want and gaining the confidence to do so. As a result of this course I’m now relocating to Germany and feel this was the right thing for me” Margaret-Anne Macarthur (who moved country, found a great new job, did a 100 mile cycle ride and travelled to 9 countries all within 1 year!)


“Lester’s very approachable with an open, friendly manner and seems interested in helping you move on in your life and fix your problems” Robert Dow


“I have found many discussions and exercises very beneficial; I wish the course was longer. The positives are endless, feel it has given me more focus, more control, more appreciation and a better ability to deal with factors, people and emotions in my life.” Jenny (P.A./Sales Assistant & Artist)


“I attended the course because I felt demotivated and lacked energy to organise my life the way I wanted it. From the first night I knew Lester had the tools to give me the motivation to change, I have worked through some obstacles that had been holding me back and by the end of the course I’ve achieved some important goals and now have more energy and drive to continue making improvements in my life. You only need to bring an open mind and Lester will work his magic!  


“This course has had a very positive effect on my life and has been really enjoyable” Heather Robb 

 Course Award Certificate

“The Edinburgh Adult Education Group Achievement Awards nominations panel met last week to consider all 31 group nominations.

The panel were enormously impressed by your group's learning activities and the powerful impact taking part in learning has on your learner's lives.

They have asked me to convey their warmest congratulations to your group and to send your group a special certificate in recognition of their achievements and contribution to adult education in Edinburgh.

Yours Sincerely, Joanna Paterson. May 2013


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I hope your business is still flourishing as I think you are a very inspirational and talented person who has helped me immensely. Margaret-Anne

I have been thinking about all the good things that are happening for me at the moment & thinking about the source of all that good. It all boils down to one thing - I attended your class! C.L.

Attending the class was a turning point for me. I learnt so much, Lester's a legend, I speak so highly of the experience it should be an essential part of the curriculum at school. The world would be a different place :):) a happier, positive place x Tracy Jane Ryrie 

Inspiring!, Uplifting!, Empowering! K.S.  

Everyone should attend this course! : ) I made some BIG changes in my life and made some new friends along the way. One technique  saved my company thousands of pounds in potential lost revenue. Linda Monteith  

As a passionate life coach Lester is able to make a very real difference to people’s lives. He has a depth of knowledge of techniques, good presentation and the ability to get a group to support each other. I thoroughly recommend Lester as a Life Coach. His courses or one to one’s will change your life as they did mine. Ed Fielding (Project Manager) 

The simple desire to make the very best of your life is the only requirement for taking this course. I highly recommend it for an injection of positivity with long lasting effects. Sandie Capanni

Lester’s workshop provides simple but comprehensive strategies for setting and meeting goals. The environment is supportive but straightforward, and equally effective for career and 'life' goals. Within a week I could see significant improvement in my productivity and effectiveness at work. I have already recommended this workshop to friends and associates." Christine(Researcher/Policy Officer)   

Full of useful info. Never been on a course that talks about “the law of attraction” – I love it! Also love the idea of a perfect moment” Jane Gilbert  

The course makes you realise you have the power in you to make positive changes - a refreshing and enlightening experience to enhance all areas of life! Helen Tweedie (Sales Executive)  

Thanks to the class, I'm focusing on building up my freelance work again as it is so much more satisfying! – Rachel Blanche  

Lester is a life changing coach & authentic speaker; his direct experience of creating & seeing the power of Vision in his own life inspires clients & listeners to try it for themselves. Lester has a simple yet profound approach and really walks his talk" Michele Armstrong (Acorn Principle Plus; one of Scotland's top coaching organisations)



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