Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotherapy


A Comparison Study in American Health Magazine - Magazine of health and fitness - (February 2007) reported the following findings  


Psychoanalysis:        38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy:          93% recovery after 6 sessions




Lester answers your most common questions about his session here.


How long is a Hypnotherapy session?


Allow 90 minutes for the first session, this allows time to discuss any issues & use some NLP and hypnotherapy techniques in a relaxed way. I will sometimes send you questions by email in advance to allow me to prepare and get the most out of your session.


Where do you do your one to one sessions?


I have great facilities in West Lothian (Central Scotland) EH52 5GY, a safe, relaxed environment. You can get there by car, bus or by train (I may be able to pick you up (one person) from Uphall station, which is 20 mins from Edinburgh, 45 mins from Glasgow by train). I can also do sessions worldwide online via Skye.


Is it safe to go into hypnosis?  


It's a safe, comfortable, deeply relaxing experience. All of us go in and out of altered states of hypnosis every day, sitting on the bus, day dreaming in a meeting, reading, driving, before sleep, watching TV or even staring at a screen as you're doing right now, so it's a perfectly natural experience. You are  always in control and can easily bring yourself back to full consciousness at anytime you choose. In fact the work can be done with you fully awake if you prefer.


I have high integrity and only bring positive intention to any session. Your unconscious mind will only take on what is for your highest good, that is fitting and congruent with the person you are/want to be. 


Is this anything like stage hypnosis? 


No, stage hypnosis is about entertainment whereas hypnotherapy works towards a positive outcome defined by you. With stage hypnosis, people who may be outgoing in nature give their (unconscious mind) permission to be hypnotised by volunteering. With hypnotherapy the focus is always on the things that you, the client, wants to achieve putting you in control of the outcome. 


Can you help me with past events or problems without me having to talk about it?


SilenceYes. Although some content can be useful, there are times when things are deeply personal, traumatic or embarrassing. Also, there are some things that people struggle to put into words (it may be a voice in their head or a feeling for example). I can help you deal with those in a "content free" way, so you can talk briefly about how it makes you feel at a very high level as opposed to what specifically occurred and I can still help you feel better about it. You may be able to address things that you've always wanted to without speaking about them directly. Know that any content you do share is confidential, unless you say otherwise.


Are there any side effects of hypnotherapy?


This is a natural process working in alignment with who you want to be, it's considered to be one of the safest tools to assist healing.  I have noticed many positive side effects.  After a session for confidence in one area, people often find they are more confident in other areas too; for example a musician who became more confident playing in front of an audience, suddenly found he was also more confident when doing business or in social situations with others.


When a person is helped to find new perspectives on a past situation, it can have a positive effect on their health, as the body is psychosomatic (thoughts and feelings influence physical health). Someone letting go of emotional pain, fear or anger from their past may find their back pain, IBS or other health situation improves, they can even appear younger and feel lighter afterwards (especially those that let go of toxic emotions). 


One other side effect to be aware of is if you've given up an unhealthy habit or behaviour through coaching or hypnotherapy, you may find yourself spending less time with those who still have that behaviour. People often stay in unhealthy situations as they have a social circle of connection around that behaviour. Some of your friends may be inspired by your example and change for the better with you and some may resent the fact that your moving on. This shouldn't stop you, it's just something to be aware of. If you find anything's not quite working in a way you want it to, this can easily be fine tuned at a future session. 


How qualified are you?


CertificatesI have a diploma in Hypnotherapy. I completed both the NLP Practitioner & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy courses, I actually attended both courses twice to deepen my understanding of the techniques. I'm also a Master Practitioner in NLP and assisted on the Master Prac course with Inspire for Impact, one of the top NLP training providers in Scotland. I also assist on courses with some of the world's most renowned hypnotherapists. I practiced the techniques for years until they were second nature to me and I often get great results. This is one of the reasons I have so many glowing testimonials.


My NLP certificates are signed by Dr Richard Bandler one of the founders of the NLP methodology. I'm also certified in coaching practice and an experienced personal development trainer. 


Additionally, I'm and Advanced Theta Healing practitioner. I'm familiar with and use many other positive change disciplines such as Time Line Therapy, Eye Movement Therapy, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), New Code NLP, using metaphors and the Sedona Method so I have a lot of tools available to help people with personal change. Let's just say I've got it covered! : )


I'm not sure if I can be hypnotised.


It's generally a myth to say someone can't be hypnotised. Every one of us has a conscious and unconscious (subconscious) mind; hypnotherapy is simply communicating with the unconscious part of you. You can choose not to be hypnotised but that's a choice as opposed to a lack of ability, as you're the one in control.  It's true that some people may appear to go into a trance like state more easily than others; this doesn't really matter though, as your unconscious mind will hear all it needs to hear. I often do change work just sitting with a person with their eyes open, as long as I'm in good rapport with the person and they want that change, then that's enough.


Another reason people think they can't be hypnotised is that they experienced some type of hypnosis before and heard the words being said, that means they've chosen to consciously listen in. It's fine though, your unconscious is hearing all it needs to hear at the same time. 


How soon might I notice a change?


Change may happen straight away or shortly afterwards, some clients may have a time frame in mind that the unconscious connects with. Each session, challenge and person is different, so results and timings of change can vary. With behaviour changes it's often those nearest to the person that will notice the improvement as after a session the client may shrug their shoulders and feel like they had even never even had that fear before, that's a tell-tale sign that it has worked, because it shows the client is now indifferent to the problem that used to cause them concern.


I have seen a lot of rapid change and healings through my work.


Will a new positive behaviour/change stay?


Yes, it usualy does. Once a new behaviour is in place this can become their new natural way of doing things, a new positive habit. 


What should I do to prepare for a session?


Any practical preparation to change in your own mind before a session may help the change; focus on change being possible for you and open up to the possibility of change happening quickly for you. Now, think of all the benefits of changing, what things would you be able to do if you got over that problem? If you have a bad habit or behaviour you wish to change, remove any link with the old behaviour that you can from your home ; ) so when you return from a session your environment supports and matches the new you.


Father Time SmilingBut doesn't change take a long time?


No, not necessarily, I have found this is often a limiting belief, I even see this limiting belief amongst other therapist; it's often 'making the decision to change' that takes most of the time and finding the right way to change it, not the change itself. The person who got the phobia of driving got this phobia in an instant when someone came out of junction unexpectedly, likewise, with the right techniques these fears can often be overcome just as quickly. Each person and situation is unique, from my experience after a hypnotherapy session most people feel more resourceful about things than they did before.


Can you combine Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy?


Yes, some of the very best results I've seen have been for those who did my Life coaching and personal development course and followed this with some hypnotherapy or personal coaching sessions. By this stage you know exactly what you want and have developed new understandings about anything remaining that needs to be cleared. I generally resolve issues quickly, I do find though that those who do several sessions have the most profound life shifts.


My friend/family member really needs this!


If you think this would be of benefit to someone you know, please send them a link to this website so they can decide if it's right for them. 


Friend running away It's rarely a good idea to grab a friend or family member and force them to have a hypnotherapy session or go on a course. It's preferred if the person has chosen to do this for themselves, are ready, open and willing, that way all parts of them can align. It's also good if they are willing to let go of any secondary benefits to change, for example someone who gets a lot of connection with others talking about their problems for example, may need to be open to changing this way of being too.


Once you've attended the course and/or hypnotherapy people may notice a positive change in you, that is the best convincer and usually how I get most of my referrals, people say "what on earth happened to you?! Wow, you're so much more relaxed, positive, happier, healthier looking" etc. and they then want those outcomes too.


How much is this investment in my future?


An initial full 90 minute to 2 hour session is only £120 and will be packed full of value for you, many techniques will be used to help you get the best possible result. Sessions are available in person (preferably), phone or online through Skype.


3 sessions if paid for at the initial session are £297 (£99 each). A saving of £63.


Most issues can be resolved in under 3 sessions. Often people choose to go on to do future focused life coaching as well to take their life to a whole new level. My goal is to help people to exponentially improve their lives.


What if I have several Issues to work on?


Giant snowball chasing man down a hillSome have more numerous challenges than others; I believe we attract more of what we focus on, so people with a lot of negative past experiences can think about these a lot (even years after an event) and attract more 'like' experiences, picking them up like a snowball rolling down a hill. Those with a history of anxiety from past events can benefit from clearing these "layers" over a few sessions and as you resolve or reframe each incident or feeling, you get closer to the purer true essence of the 'real you'.


One of my clients had experienced mental health challenges and had counselling, psychoanalysis and behaviour therapy for over 20 years without much change, this person attended my course and through some exercises and insight made some big shifts with their mental focus and followed this up with hypnotherapy. In the first session I helped them to reduce their anxiety, so they could function better, in the second session they forgave themselves and others and got some new perspectives, became more empowered and this lead to them quitting unhealthy behaviours like smoking, by the third session they were clearing other habits, visualising health and what they wanted for their ideal future. As a result their care providers gave them an award and greatly reduced their medication as they noticed they were coping so much better.


Please Note: Always consult your medical practitioner for any changes in medication or advice of that nature though hypnotherapy can help you along with that process.


Can I get a recording of my hypnosis?


This can be done for a nominal additional cost (£80). This is a reinforcement of a new behaviour. Ideal for example, if you've overcome a fear such as public speaking and would like your own readily available top up session just before doing a talk as it aligns you to your absolute best state.


Consider how much it costs you not to make a change


It's also worth considering the cost of not making a change; I find many people wish they had done it much earlier. How much does this habit, behaviour or feeling cost you in your daily, monthly, yearly life? What price can you put on your health, on your productvity, on having peace of mind? One person who overcame two undesirable habits with one of my hypnotherapy sessions is now saving £8000 a year, every year + cumulative health benefits, which can make a few sessions a great investment, so think long term benefits. 


What's Unique About Your Approach to Hypnotherapy?


LesterQuite simply, I have a history of getting great results for clients. I've been told I'm very intuitive and knowledgeable on the things that can help someone's life experience. People often comment that they like my voice during sessions, it's calming and supportive.


I have a unique gift for seeing solutions to problems and believing in that positive possibility for my clients. I have resolved epilepsy, agoraphobia, sound sensitivity, schizophrenia, so many things that they only "manage" elsewhere. Sometimes I can help them to overcome an issue or improve more than they've ever been able to improve before.


I care about people and want them to be able to go out and surprise themselves and those they know by overcoming their limitations.


I understand people on an individual level. I notice their unique strengths and values and use those to empower other areas of their lives too. I see the best in them and believe in their potential to change, often before they do.


I personalise every session to you which leads to better results rather than a one size fits all approach. I adapt to what might work best for that particular person.  I use positive language, fun and thought provoking metaphors throughout the session to inspire positive change.


Most of my work comes to me through referrals from others I have helped, so if you've had a great result or simply like what you've read here please share this website link with those it may help or inspire. Thank you.


 Signed Smiley face



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I hope your business is still flourishing as I think you are a very inspirational and talented person who has helped me immensely. Margaret-Anne

I have been thinking about all the good things that are happening for me at the moment & thinking about the source of all that good. It all boils down to one thing - I attended your class! C.L.

Attending the class was a turning point for me. I learnt so much, Lester's a legend, I speak so highly of the experience it should be an essential part of the curriculum at school. The world would be a different place :):) a happier, positive place x Tracy Jane Ryrie 

Inspiring!, Uplifting!, Empowering! K.S.  

Everyone should attend this course! : ) I made some BIG changes in my life and made some new friends along the way. One technique  saved my company thousands of pounds in potential lost revenue. Linda Monteith  

As a passionate life coach Lester is able to make a very real difference to people’s lives. He has a depth of knowledge of techniques, good presentation and the ability to get a group to support each other. I thoroughly recommend Lester as a Life Coach. His courses or one to one’s will change your life as they did mine. Ed Fielding (Project Manager) 

The simple desire to make the very best of your life is the only requirement for taking this course. I highly recommend it for an injection of positivity with long lasting effects. Sandie Capanni

Lester’s workshop provides simple but comprehensive strategies for setting and meeting goals. The environment is supportive but straightforward, and equally effective for career and 'life' goals. Within a week I could see significant improvement in my productivity and effectiveness at work. I have already recommended this workshop to friends and associates." Christine(Researcher/Policy Officer)   

Full of useful info. Never been on a course that talks about “the law of attraction” – I love it! Also love the idea of a perfect moment” Jane Gilbert  

The course makes you realise you have the power in you to make positive changes - a refreshing and enlightening experience to enhance all areas of life! Helen Tweedie (Sales Executive)  

Thanks to the class, I'm focusing on building up my freelance work again as it is so much more satisfying! – Rachel Blanche  

Lester is a life changing coach & authentic speaker; his direct experience of creating & seeing the power of Vision in his own life inspires clients & listeners to try it for themselves. Lester has a simple yet profound approach and really walks his talk" Michele Armstrong (Acorn Principle Plus; one of Scotland's top coaching organisations)



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