MTO (Minimum, Target or Outrageous)


Today I'm going to share a tip called M.T.O. (Minimum, Target and Outrageous). One of the Transformation Principles is "Dejunk Your Life", some of you know I recently dejunked my garage to a ridiculously tidy level!  Let's use this as a metaphor to explain the "MTO" technique. 



OK, imagine you have a garage full of junk, you can't get your car in there, it's so bad you're kinda scared to open the door in case of avalanche. (Open and Runnn for your life!). If I, as your coach, ask you to organise the whole thing, it could set you up for possible failure, as a result you may simply not want to commit to doing anything at all and think what's the point of even trying? So let's try the "M.T.O." approach instead.


What's the absolute "minimum" you would be willing to do this week to tidy your garage?


You relax a bit and reflect for a minute, "well Lester, there's a broken lawn mower in there and an old bike that really needs to be thrown out, I could take those to the dump this week and that's at least two sizeable things out of there". You feel quite good just at the thought of that..


OK Good, what's your "target", what could you realistically do this week if you had a reasonable attempt at tidying your garage out?


"Well, um, I could get rid of those two things I mentioned and throw out anything obvious, then I could empty everything onto the driveway and have a pile of stuff to  car boot/sell or give to the charity shop, I could then put everything that's staying neatly in place and see if I can squeeze the car in there again."


Awesome, how would you feel if you did that?


"That would be like a breath of fresh air and I wouldn't have to scrape the ice off my car in winter as it sometimes makes me late for work. That would be really great and freeing."


OK cool, what would "outrageous" look like? What would it be like if everything was exactly as you wanted it to be?


"TidyWow! (seeing it in your mind and showing real enthusiasm now), well I could do all the things I mentioned and sweep the whole thing, get rid of any cobwebs or bugs from every corner, put new garage floor paint down (a nice brick red colour), get some shelves up and wall brackets for specific tools. Clean every item before putting it back in, I could really consider, 'do I need all this stuff?' I could car boot sale the rest. I could maybe even get a radio and new overhead lighting in there and polish the car too."


Once you've visualised the best scenario it's likely you'll feel really pulled towards that, you're no longer satisfied with doing just the minimum, however, if you do the minimum you're still a success by this method, get to your target and you feel really fulfilled, go for outrageous and feel a HUGE sense of achievement! Wow if you did that what else can you do? You can use this technique for all sorts of goals in your life including weight loss, saving, all sorts of things...


This is one example of how I coach people to get the best out of themselves. If you'd like to work with me with regards to life coaching, dejunking or hypnotherapy you can easily contact me through the contact page. It's amazing what you can easily achieve. Have a fun and productive month!      


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Lester Smulski (Certified Life Coach, Licenced Hypnotherapy & Master NLP Practitioner)    



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Small Train, Big PossibilitiesHello and welcome to the launch of my new website!


Hypnotherapy is one of the most amazing tools I've known for helping people to make personal change. Today I want to demystify hypnotherapy so that you can get an understanding of how it works and how it may benefit you, I'm sure you'll find it fascinating. I've also shared a story of someone I helped to get over a rather unusual phobia.


Thanks to those who kindly shared their inspiring testimonials for this website. Please keep those success stories coming.  Have fun looking around and I hope to see you soon.


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I hope your business is still flourishing as I think you are a very inspirational and talented person who has helped me immensely. Margaret-Anne

I have been thinking about all the good things that are happening for me at the moment & thinking about the source of all that good. It all boils down to one thing - I attended your class! C.L.

Attending the class was a turning point for me. I learnt so much, Lester's a legend, I speak so highly of the experience it should be an essential part of the curriculum at school. The world would be a different place :):) a happier, positive place x Tracy Jane Ryrie 

Inspiring!, Uplifting!, Empowering! K.S.  

Everyone should attend this course! : ) I made some BIG changes in my life and made some new friends along the way. One technique  saved my company thousands of pounds in potential lost revenue. Linda Monteith  

As a passionate life coach Lester is able to make a very real difference to people’s lives. He has a depth of knowledge of techniques, good presentation and the ability to get a group to support each other. I thoroughly recommend Lester as a Life Coach. His courses or one to one’s will change your life as they did mine. Ed Fielding (Project Manager) 

The simple desire to make the very best of your life is the only requirement for taking this course. I highly recommend it for an injection of positivity with long lasting effects. Sandie Capanni

Lester’s workshop provides simple but comprehensive strategies for setting and meeting goals. The environment is supportive but straightforward, and equally effective for career and 'life' goals. Within a week I could see significant improvement in my productivity and effectiveness at work. I have already recommended this workshop to friends and associates." Christine(Researcher/Policy Officer)   

Full of useful info. Never been on a course that talks about “the law of attraction” – I love it! Also love the idea of a perfect moment” Jane Gilbert  

The course makes you realise you have the power in you to make positive changes - a refreshing and enlightening experience to enhance all areas of life! Helen Tweedie (Sales Executive)  

Thanks to the class, I'm focusing on building up my freelance work again as it is so much more satisfying! – Rachel Blanche  

Lester is a life changing coach & authentic speaker; his direct experience of creating & seeing the power of Vision in his own life inspires clients & listeners to try it for themselves. Lester has a simple yet profound approach and really walks his talk" Michele Armstrong (Acorn Principle Plus; one of Scotland's top coaching organisations)



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