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Phobia Resolutions    


Anne-Marie Birch, Scotlands No. 1 Transformational Breath Trainer (yourtrueself.co.uk)  "  Lester is an amazing NLP Master Practitioner. After just one session I was able to let go of limiting beliefs stopping me from choosing the life I wanted to live. After just an hour of session time which was hugely fun and empowering I knew that my fear of rollercoaster’s and heights had gone, the next day for my son’s birthday I was having fun on the big rides at Alton Towers! Lester is a gifted therapist and warm and intuitive person, his knowledge of his subject is first class. I would recommend him to everyone."

Anne-Marie Birch, (Scotland's most experienced Transformational Breath trainer)


Annie Johnston"I used to be petrified of mice until I got Lester's help, now I think they're cute!" Annie Johnston



“Hi Lester! Since our session I never saw the interview again as I did before - I know that is Significant, it just never appeared to me that terrifying way again. I can only put that down to what you did, so thank you for that and for all your encouragement and support.”  Helen, Edinburgh


Alisoun McKenzie, Heart Centred Trainer, Author and Business Success Consultant (Alisoun.Com)“Hi Lester, Just thought I'd let you know I'm enjoying a wonderful week skiing in Austria and the stuff you did on the hypno course has worked wonders for me becoming a more fearless skier! I can't remember what you did, I just know it worked!”

Alisoun McKenzie - Business Success Consultant, Heart Centred Author & Trainer (Alisoun.Com)


Janice Laxton"Lester helped me achieve what I never thought possible - enjoy driving again after a traffic accident, even many years later. Highly recommended."

Janice Laxton, Careers Advisor, South Edinburgh Voluntary Arts Fair Lead Organiser    


“I did a Brilliant presentation last week and going to do another one this week! So HUGE THANKS for your help!  Anne-Marie


Overcoming Bad Habits     

“Since we did that session I never once bit my nails. It never even crossed my mind. Each time I tested myself by putting my finger to my mouth, it’s like I stopped and tried to think of a reason why I would possibly want to. Each time I could not come up with a reason why I wanted to bite. Am rather chuffed! “  Perry Stuart Pounds, Sussex   

Lester made me feel very relaxed and he was very good at understanding how I was feeling and what I wanted to address. He has a very easy manner and is very insightful and I was genuinely amazed by how relaxed and clear I became about my future and my capacity to change. Lester is a very able hypnotherapist, whom I highly recommended.      Grant, Glasgow.      


Health Issues    

"I have suffered anxiety for a long time from an illness called Schizo-affective disorder, I'm now planning my future which will have an impact on my anxiety levels and confidence issues. My medication has been reduced today by a significant amount. This would not have happened if I had not received coaching from Lester. My family are also impressed. I could go on all day about the things that have come about since the coaching began. It has taken me much less than a tenth of the time to make progress than psychiatry has done for me over 20 years.  I got an award recently from my support provider for Outstanding Achievement with regard to me 'handling my illness better and receiving much less support'. Lester's life coaching had a lot to do with my progress.  Give his style of therapy a try. It will help and he will definitely inspire you as he has done everyone else, I found his hypnotherapy and NLP helped me tremendously. He also gets to people’s problems fast and knows what to do to help"  Carrianne, Edinburgh      


I met Lester while he was teaching the Life Coaching Class. I immediately warmed to him and became aware that he was a great therapist who lives and breathes his techniques. He is very approachable and non-judgemental and keen to help others. He spent some time before the session deciding what techniques he would use to help me and this in itself made the session a lot more personal than other therapy sessions I have had. During the session we explored the reasons for my problems but the main focus was on how to overcome them and what I could achieve once I had done this. I feel that this approach really worked for me as past therapy has been about digging up the past and to be honest I felt worse rather than better from that type of therapy. I have read various NLP books but have never been able to put the knowledge into practice. With Lester’s help I have been able to gain more control over my thoughts and negative beliefs and after just one session I feel I am in a position to live my life the way I want to, that the restrictions that previously ruled my life have now been lifted and exposed as nothing more than bad habits and an out-dated way of thinking. I feel like Lester has pressed my reset button and given me the freedom I had been longing for. I would highly recommend Lester as a respectful and committed therapist.        AP, Edinburgh   


1:1 Personal Coaching   

“Lester You're a genius! Had a meeting with my boss this morning- remained calm, composed, positive and focused. It's the first time I've come out of one of those meetings in two years without an overwhelming feeling of gloom and doom. Thank you so much!”     MB, Edinburgh   

Ewan Fisher - Digital Marketing Expert  “Lester is a very positive and forward thinking individual. He brings real positive energy to his trainings, while working with him I have gained great on-going results on my own personal and business goals. I’d happily recommend Lester’s services to anyone who is looking to make their life more happy and successful” –  Ewan Fisher (Head of Digital   Associate  Director at iprospect)

“Lester - just wanted to say - THANK YOU - just thank you for being so encouraging to me and for helping me find my way a bit. You have been a key player in me making the changes I have done since July and I really appreciate this. Thank you for inspiring me and for listening to me feeling good and sometimes not so good about what I wanted to achieve. We need to keep in touch x” –   Caroline (who got that dream house she had visualised) 

“Lester has a lovely soothing voice and gentle approach. He created a safe environment in which I could explore the issues I needed to and guided me through these issues in a reassuring and non-judgemental way. Would highly recommend him, great person and precence, thank you. OT, Edinburgh

"I read that book you recommended and it was great. I've got it all sussed now, could have my credit card paid off in approx. 5 months if I pay 2 tenths of my salary. Also, keeping 1 tenth for yourself is something I never thought possible but actually it is!” MBD, Edinburgh (who cleared all debt in under 4 months & went on to achieve all the life goals he'd set)

If you would like to enquire or book a 1 to 1 hypnotherapy or coaching session with Lester, you can contact him through this form (will reply same day usually) or by phone

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I have been thinking about all the good things that are happening for me at the moment & thinking about the source of all that good. It all boils down to one thing - I attended your class! Carrianne Lamb

Attending the class was a turning point for me. I learnt so much, Lester's a legend, I speak so highly of the experience it should be an essential part of the curriculum at school. The world would be a different place :):) a happier, positive place x Tracy Jane Ryrie 

Inspiring!, Uplifting!, Empowering! K.S.  

Everyone should attend this course! : ) I made some BIG changes in my life and made some new friends along the way. One technique  saved my company thousands of pounds in potential lost revenue. Linda Monteith  

As a passionate life coach Lester is able to make a very real difference to people’s lives. He has a depth of knowledge of techniques, good presentation and the ability to get a group to support each other. I thoroughly recommend Lester as a Life Coach. His courses or one to one’s will change your life as they did mine. Ed Fielding (Project Manager) 

Lester’s workshop provides simple but comprehensive strategies for setting and meeting goals. The environment is supportive but straightforward, and equally effective for career and 'life' goals. Within a week I could see significant improvement in my productivity and effectiveness at work. I have already recommended this workshop to friends and associates." Christine(Researcher/Policy Officer)   

Full of useful info. Never been on a course that talks about “the law of attraction” – I love it! Also love the idea of a perfect moment” Jane Gilbert  (who attended the course 4 times!) 

The course makes you realise you have the power in you to make positive changes - a refreshing and enlightening experience to enhance all areas of life! Helen Tweedie (Sales Executive)  

Thanks to the class, I'm focusing on building up my freelance work again as it is so much more satisfying! – Rachel Blanche  

Lester is a life changing coach & authentic speaker; his direct experience of creating & seeing the power of Vision in his own life inspires clients & listeners to try it for themselves. Lester has a simple yet profound approach and really walks his talk" Michele Armstrong (Acorn Principle Plus; one of Scotland's top coaching organisations)



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